Monday, April 13, 2009

Why are kids grouchy?

A little boy in 2nd grade came in because he was refusing to go to school without his mother, throwing temper tantrums and generally exhibiting Resistance to Everything. In the process, he showed us some very old grief-like heaviness in his lungs and chest area. The question we asked was: is there a healthier way to work through this material than by carrying this undigested emotion/stress around, blocking all other progress? The answer was "Sure, I'll take this one over myself". Within two weeks the parents reported a 180 degree turn around, with an age-normal level of emotionality and an ability to function peacefully within the household.
The process: the child's inner humanity was given the support it needed to confront a mass of unprocessed feelings with which there was previously no functional connection. The human capacity for order and health was then able to complete a process for which the resouces had not previously been present. -JR

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