Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Friend in Disguise

Ever wonder why you continue in a difficult relationship? Honoring a committment, or just low self-esteem? Or sometimes you're stuck there, in a work or school situation. Ever imagine how nice your life would be without that person in it?
How do we know that person isn't there to teach us something really important? In fact, they are here, irritating the hell out of us, in order to draw out qualities and strengths in us for which it would almost seem we have contracted with them. They are clearly the perfect irritant, the ideal button-pusher for this particular set of tender wounds. If you look at a person in that light, you look beyond the annoyance, above appearances. It may well be that the debt is on their side, and this is how they are "repaying" you, as a way of helping you.
What happens when you use this kind of sight? Just soften your eyes, focus on that which is beyond the outer person, and which means you well. (this may not be easy, but keep looking for it, listening, smelling for it) You may see that as a result of your seeing, not only you change, but they begin to change, too. You may start to glimpse a friend in disguise. -JR

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